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Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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Unscripted TV casting
I work in Entertainment - 🎥
🌟Thursday’s LIVE CASTING ROOM 4pmPST/7pmEST🌟
I love to chat about reality TV-
For funzies I do science!!!🧪 STEAM Chemist & 200hr RYT Yogi & PTa -
♻️ council member working with local parks to plant trees/make green space/ and focus on parks!

🎬casting some of the biggest shows on TV - 🎤🖥

reality TV 📺
🏆winner big brother & fear factor 🏆💥I love a good competition show!
🎒3 times on amazing race
👰 wedding was televised! 🙌
🖥numerous others! CBS/HGTV/WETV
🎤international host & speaker
💃occasionally actressing SAG/AFTRA

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦mom of 2 newborn life & Preschool!
.(🔬Preschool science 🧪talks)🧬🧫
🙏God & Faith -
🧘🏼‍♀️celebrity 200hrRYT yogi- meditation -
👩‍🔬- chemist by trade -
👩‍💻-Lifestyle blogger! 📸
E: [email protected]
Passion: local parks & green space
/ give kids the world #gktw.org / animal and shelter pets

Unscripted aka reality tv guru Rachel Reilly - I know a lot about unscripted programs from being on numerous TV shows I transitioned that into casting. From being a recruiter to a casting director, I have had the opportunity to cast and work with some of the biggest shows. I have worked on game shows, dating shows, pilots, pet shows, travel shows, competition shows, cooking shows etc.. I’ve been a producer, I’ve been a content creator, I’ve worked on one sheets storyline, producing stories, pitching shows to networks. So much more. I’ve helped my friends with shows and the working of pitching.
I can’t wait to share with you the ins and outs of unscripted TV. I really do love it and all the craziness that comes with unscripted- I love the characters it creates, the story lines that’s are made, how it works the ins and outs(I know from being on a show being a producer, working on story and working in casting)
E:[email protected]

I like to talk about being on reality Tv and casting for shows! Oh and I’m a major fan too!!! I like to talk about faith and outdoor adventures! I sometimes talk about being a mom, travel and traveling the world, what I am currently working on filming, pregnancy and mom life-
My family and I love to hike and camp 🏕 we could spend all ours days outdoors camping or traveling across country in an RV! We have traveled to almost all the national parks and hiked the best trails!!

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