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Updated: Jun 25, 2022
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I am the definition of a Phenomenal Woman with a passion for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Wife & Mother to a Genius.

A Proper Nigerian who wants to Change Nigeria. We Must Build A New Nigeria and Make Nigeria Great Again. #NigeriaToTheWorld

Nigeria made Me and I will never forget her no matter where I go. #ProperNigerian

Currently based in Miami, Florida in the City of Doral.

On Clubhouse, I have two profiles. is also my profile

I am a Public Speaker, was a member of the Speakers Coalition, ExxonMobil while in Nigeria. Also ExxonMobil Lifetime Ambassador Free of Charge.

A Content Creator with Presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram with LinkedIn as my headquarters.

LinkedIn Profile:

On LinkedIn, I help Nigerians get Jobs in Nigeria while Coaching and Mentoring them.

Help Promote Nigerian Businesses.

Am on Clubhouse to Inspire and challenge Men and Women to Greatness.

Cheers to Greatness!

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