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Proud Entrepreneur.

South India Women achiever award winner

CEO of Pratvi Natural Products

Manufacturer of personal care products....

Would you like to maintain your skin and hair in natural way?
Then you can get connected with me through my mail [email protected] and my whatsapp number 9597574040

We have more than 200 varieties of products.
Each and every skin is different so according to your skin and hair type, we manufacture products for You...

Our products includes....
Soap varities
Lotion varieties
Hair oil varieties
Shampoo varieties
Face cream varieties
Body butter varieties
Foot cream varieties
Facial kit varieties
Hair pack varieties
Foot scrub varieties
Body scrub varieties
Hair serum varieties
Face serum varieties
Baby care varieties
Lip balm varieties
Lip gloss varieties
Natural hair dye
Lip scrubber varieties
Night cream varieties
Under eye cream varieties
Hair pack varieties
Bath powder varieties
Face pack powder varieties
Face cleanser varieties
Rose water varieties
Pain relief balm

Dishwasher cleanser
Detergent liquid cleanser
Detergent soap
Floor cleanser
Bathroom cleanser
Hand wash varieties

Why you should buy only My brand?
Once if u try My brand products then you will have a question, Why I should use other products when Pratvi is perfect in all way...

Nature had given us more good things, lets try to make use of them. So you can maintain yourself without any chemicals..

Using of chemical based products is spoiling our Nature too. So let's stop those.

Know more about me:
Customized jewellery designer like
Terracotta jewelry
Silk thread jewelry
Fashion jewelry
Paper quilling

Taking classes for interested persons and helping them to become an entrepreneur.

Wine manufacturer:
Red wine
Mixed fruit wine with 18 fruits
Apple wine
And many more

Interested in
Bottle painting
Charcoal painting
Converting waste material into decorative one
Bamboo keychains
Terracotta keychains
Taking classes for kids.

Nature lover, so plants 🌵 plants.. they are my positive vibes...

Always loved to get connected with positive vibe people...

I am a Pet lover, Dogs are my ever time stress buster.
If you are a pet lover pls follow my insta page @stressbuster21.

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