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Updated: May 21, 2022
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CEO and Founder of Orchid Noir ® / Pop of Confetti

I’m a multi disciplinary creative 🎨

Mom, Wife, Syracuse MBA 🍊

Former Fintech Product Manager

I help women accessorize for the life they want to live ✨

I help under represented women showcase their art to the world, and support their families through their talents✨

I specialize in

💫Product Creation
💫Product Sourcing
💫Buying and Selling Wholesale

Sweat pants your new normal?
Need style edit?

Grab my FREE e-book
Top 5 Style Secrets to Working From Home ⬇️

Text Me: (804) 294-0050 to connect!

I’m here to learn, serve, network, and collaborate

Seeking Brand Ambassadors

Invited by: Candice Marie

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