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Dad, dedicated husband, my wife’s biggest fan.

Cannabis Horticulture Faculty Oaksterdam University. 🍁Co-Founder of the OCBC. Also currently Co-Editing the Cannabis Grower’s Handbook with Ed Rosenthal and many other amazing contributors. Working with to reconnect decentralized supply-chains in the cannabis industry.

Follow CANNABIS EDUCATION Club: I hold cannabis grow labs most Fridays 4:20 PM PST / 7:20 PM EST for you to ask random questions as “Clubhouse Hort Students” 🌱
Admin: Oaksterdam Club (contact me to start OU Alum rooms!)

My Cannabis Policy Reform History: In June 1996 the OCBC was endorsed by the Oakland City Council Resolution that supported cannabis dispensaries. I moved the Texan grower named Richard Lee to Oaksterdam in 1997.

City of Oakland in 1998 designated me and the OCBC as officers 👮‍♀️ implementing local control substance laws so that we could contend with the Federal Government (DEA). This lead to civil court shuttering our medical cannabis cooperative dispensary in Oct 1998. We the collectively pressed our case in civil court.

We won in the Ninth Court of Appeals in 1999. ⚖️ I was federally legal to dispense medical cannabis for a few weeks in 1999, 🔥 but SCOTUS soon overturned this case in USA vs. Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative. This was the first Supreme Court case arguing in defense of providing medical cannabis to necessity patients.

When I was shut down by the fed I began the first patient ID card program and began teaching patients how to grow their own medicine and where to find safe access through referrals to other cannabis providers. We invented “Oaksterdam”. Join the club!

Take certification courses from OU to move forward in the cannabis industry.

Cryptocurrency advocate, be safe and invest into Bitcoin 🅱️, 2021 is year of the DOGE coin, be part of todays educational social cryptocurrency.

💰💰Favorite coins💰💰

Still learning about the world through plants.

Invited by: Dale Sky Jones

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