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Updated: Mar 24, 2023
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Entrepreneurs—are you struggling to get engagement from VIP prospects? Learn how to get instant engagement by Joining the 10 Second Pitch Challenge room M-F 10:30am-Noon Pacific time.

Not sure if your business ready to pitch investors—Let me show you how to “Get Pitch Ready!”

Back Channel me the word “Pitch”, for a link to our upcoming “Get Pitch Ready!” Live workshop via Zoom.

Learn to combine the best of the Pitchfreaks Pitch Market Match framework with the latest advancements in A.I. You get more than theory, by the end of the day you’ll leave with a Pitchfreaks level solution that creates a solid foundation for your entire marketing program.

$200MM+ raised since 3/22 attributed directly to Pitchfreaks Club!

If you’re struggling to create a pitch that gets the engagement you need, come join our weekday calls and learn how to identify and correct damaging pitch habits.

10:30am-12pm Pacific — Mon-Fri in the @Pitchfreaks club, providing a fun, safe, and non-judgmental room that welcomes diverse founders of all backgrounds, experience, and skill sets.

The Pitchfreak! Author of “Close With Your Open” 25yrs+ Silicon Valley Start Up Launch Pro. Specializing in early adopter pitches. Pitch clients enjoy over $1B in sales exits. Now I love sharing how to Engage, Enlight, and Enlist key early customers and investors.

My Book and Free Pitch Training Gifts Available here: https://linktr.ee/pitchfreaks

Pitchfreak Recent Project Success Highlights

🧪Zippz.Com, Founded by Legendary Entrepreneur, Scott Eagle of Concentric Networks Exec IPO fame

🧁Butter Baked Cake Co., Founded by Whitney Lounsbury, a Kick-ass $100MM/yr Sales team builder in NYC Fashion Retail

💸Fundshine — Founded by Dave Goulden and Samara Andrieux (a Pitchfreak Mentee) Focusing on an alternative to predatory payday lenders

🚀Alzamend Neuro - IPO [NASDAQ], July 2021 - Pharmaceuticals - $425M Mkt Cap

🔬Greyledge Technology - First Time Female Founder - $2.5M Debt Financing March 30, 2021

📺 FluzzleTube - First-time Female Founder November 2021 - Winner, QVC/HSN “Big Ticket” Competition - Consumer Retail Product

♿️ Capable Clothing - First-time Female Founder [Early Stage] $97,000 in 2021 Pitch Competition Winnings - Healthcare Apparel

🕯RitualChic.com - First-time Solo Female Founder - Whole Foods Market Launch deal in 30 Stores, April 2021 - $80K revenue in first 7 months CPG

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