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Updated: Aug 15, 2022
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"While the US burns, men fiddle
(with themselves)
Maker of Fine Furniture in Southern California
✝️CEO of 3 Luxury Brands & became a CFO at 18.
I have 49 Years in
🏭 Furniture Mfg
📣Fav Quote:
"When bad men combine,
the good must associate;
else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."
Edmund Burke in
Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents” (1770)
I am the ChairMan (ChairMaker)
Game Tables & Chairs
Chairs & Stools
Tables: Dining, Poker, Billiard, Pub, Chess
Join me at Church: Live.Calvarycch.TV
Calvary Chapel
Pastor Jack Hibbs
Jeremiah 17:5

Free Advice on
Business & Boysenberries
Latest video at:
Goal: Luxury Retailers, Interior Designers, ASID, IIDA, NKBA, CEDIA, Kitchen and Bath, Home Theater, Billiards, Chess, GSA, Upscale Restaurants, 5 Star Hotels, Contract, ALSD
Made in 🇺🇲 Since 1959
CFO since 1973
Acquired BAUSMAN
in 2017 & IMDAVID in 2021.

See recent story in my

Success Story:
In 1980, I 'met' someone;
60% of our business today is due to that single connection
(40+ years ago!).
My Goals on CH:
1. 'Meet' someone
2. Make a friend
3. Impart relevant knowledge
Claim to Fame:
1st furniture store
on WWW (GameroomGallery)


Church Loves and Cares for All
Government Punishes Evildoers

I am: Husband, father
and grandfather.
Have #AADD
Fav: Ph4:13
Ps 92

🚜 Living the dream with my wife.

🥕+Gardening (9acres) and ♥️ growing
🍇boysenberries (ask me)

-Golden Rule Marketing (ask me)
-Creating AMAZING new products which are space-saving, multi-functional, and made from newly reclaimed, sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
-Fasting one day/week
(C'mon... JOIN ME!)
Available for speaking engagements, interviews, consulting, coaching, advising, podcasts, and collaborations.
Son Chris Darafeev @flyryde
Daughter Erin Darafeev @edarafeev

Board member at NEWMANNA.ORG (where we feed 450 kids per day in Tanzania, and support orphans in Ukraine)
I reject the philosophy of pragmatism. Let's be real.
Don't "hang up on God"
🙏Soli Deo Gloria
Would you like a room called:
"What They Don't Teach You in School?"
(Coming Soon)

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