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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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✅Joint CEO and Director of Mendable App - Well-being App
✅Executive and Personal Coach
✅APP Developer
✅Keynote Motivational and Inspirational Speaker ✅Story Teller ✅Writer ✅Educator


🕸Co-creator of
(Please go to this website 👆🏿to be involved, express interest, or show support for our new APP and MENtal Health initiative)

🔭My Vision: create healthier minds, thinking and behaviours to dramatically improve the quality of lives, performance and reduce the suicide stats.

❤️My Passion: I coach people to live fully in and through the harder times of life.

✏️Topics I speak on:
-Business start ups and development
-Creating and maintaining healthier relationships
-Addiction and Sobriety
-Abuse Trauma Survival and Recovery
-LGBT Mental Health
-Men’s Mental Health
-Relationships and Healthy Boundaries
-Depression and Anxiety
-Recovery and Quality Living
-Creating hope during challenges
-Helping people live well as they die

🤙[email protected]


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