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Updated: Nov 29, 2023
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✊🏾🇬🇧 I am pastor Adejoke Lawal, a woman of God, Jesus baby and ambassador✝️
A COVID Survivor🙌🏼🙏 💪🏾 ✊🏿

The Founder/President of Women Breakfast Fellowship Ministry (WBFM) Page, Mothers of Nations a growing group on Facebook, Young Christians Adults Connecting (YCAC).

*If anything is working, someone somewhere is working at it behind the scene*

*I believe in self love and I’m loving myself because I believe in myself and the God who made me🙌🏼*

Who am I? A woman of many hats 👒
👩🏻‍💻 A Preacher
💚 A Listener
💛 A Counsellor
🎉 A Co-Marriage Minister with my husband.
🚴‍♀️ A Goal Getter
🔥 An Influencer
🙏 A Prayer Warrior
👩‍🏫 A Teacher
🗣 A Speaker
👑 A winner
👩‍⚕️ A Nurse in a speciality with wealth of knowledge and skills.
👶 A Children 👶, Teens, Youth and Young Adults Motivator and Influencer to see a generation of leaders💪💪💪

I work in the Health Sector as a Nurse in a speciality. Ask me for more details❤️. I believe in Health and Wellness.

I am passionate about prayer and believe in prayer and it’s been working for me. After prayer is prayer and it’s prayer again.

I and my team organises fellowships, prayers, seminars, training, support, etc as needed. My vision is to see young people enjoy the life I didn’t enjoy when I was young. To embrace the rich man mentality through skills acquisitions and entrepreneurship. (Mindset shift)

Coordinator “Waiting Mothers Room” we pray for waiting mothers for blessings of the womb 🤰🤰🤰🤱🏻🤱🏻🤱🏻and pray for their children 👶 👶
There is nothing prayers of the righteous cannot achieve. What God cannot do does not exist.

We are a charity group that helps the less privileged.

I am passionate to see every young person becoming a future leader and I see every young person as a leader regardless of what and who they are now.

I am a ⭐️ created and made to shine and I must shine.
I am Adejoke Lawal, a woman of so many feathers. “One woman battalion”😄

🔔 Poverty is infectious and contagious 😷 don’t ever be caught in the web. I refuse to be poor, I will never be poor. (My Mindset)

Follow me on Clubhouse, my Instagram for daily positive vibes, Twitter 👇 Facebook- Adejoke Lawal and let’s connect and collaborate.
Thank you🙏

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