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Pamela Vinnett is one of the premiere pioneers of the prophetic/apostolic movement. She has delivered the word of the Lord to seated presidents and kings, governors, senators, CEO’S of corporations, and many of the most powerful Christian and secular leaders in the world, as well as individuals, churches, organizations and nations. In more than 40 years of worldwide ministry, she has conducted three successful virtual and land-based schools of ministry based on the prophetic and the apostolic. She has also taught in the classrooms of Oral Roberts University and several other major institutes.

Pam Vinnett is the founder of Pam Vinnett Ministries, Apostolic Initiatives In Motion (AAIM) Fellowship and is Vice Chair of Kingdom International Assemblies (KIA) Fellowship, headed by Apostle Rick Daniels of Florida, where she is principally submitted. She is degreed and has seven years of formal education beyond high school.

Pamela Vinnett is an author, instructor, minister and professional writer. She is the mother of three children and a mentor and spiritual mother to many others.

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