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Updated: May 6, 2024
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🌱Ms.Pamela Staley 💕

*AKA Cannapams*
The New Version of Me
💫Intuitive 💫
Traveler ✨
💫Healing the Earth 🌎

Traveling Horticulture teacher;
I offer a better understanding of our magnificent green world around us.
Cannabis Garden Houseplant consultations, Inside and out. .. home grows, .. garden love … Getting In The Zone.. let’s just get up and grow.
💚🌱 let’s talk environmental factors… knowing your surrounding environment is important.
The earth gives us everything we need… as a elemental. I feel it necessary to teach how to nourish the earth . One spot.. grow grow grow 🌱💚
Ula—- what about me bugs you? How does that resonate with you? Is that something that you need to work on for yourself? the hardest pill I’ve had to swallow. Besides, I picked this life is what you think about me is none of my business.
As a starbeing stuck in my mud, carbon body, I’ve integrated well, 🤦‍♀️✨🌀🐉💚 but I have a lot of roots on this planet. The earth is kind of big! I am honored to be traveling, meeting new people, teaching new skills and radiating the light I came here to shine.
You may need just a moment with me… or a lifetime..stay lifted and get into your Zone. The simplicity within the complexity ..will lead you to knowing.🌀✨💕

🎓Life Master Flowershow Judge
gardening, youth gardening class and along the way; my garden has grown. I may be planting seeds on the earth, to trees, I will never sit under.. leaves I will never see, and humans that I carry in my heart forever …that’s what will be, my history. The Journey blessed, adventurous and divinely led.
I just may have a diamond drop for you. 💎🌱

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