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Updated: May 21, 2022
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Co-Founder of Clubhouse Club- How To Make A Black Girl Blush. Paige Shari is a live event host and social media marketing strategist hailing from East Atlanta. After receiving her degree in communications, she launched PSA Management and Consulting company in September 2016. That fall she created and hosted the first Strictly RNB concert in Atlanta, GA. The success of her show gained the attention of many festival curators and major brands. By utilizing her social media platform and networking skills, she has been able to partner with companies such as Nike, AT&T, and Glossier to reach their desired markets.
Her credibility translated on stage as a host where she was able to continue to use her personality and humor to command a live crowd. Her stage presence at Atlanta’s Revolt Summit solidified her spot for the preceding tour stop in Los Angeles. Along with engaging masses by the 1000s, Paige Shari was able to intimately connect with audiences on the ground at MTV’s Making the Band auditions and Mercedes Benz Stadium’s weekly affairs. Paige Shari is a personality who infectiously gets the crowd and viewers engaged.

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