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Updated: Apr 6, 2023
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Ex-physician informaticist Googler working at the intersection of Health & Tech since 2001.

Work experiences: 
▪️Cloud Tech (Google, Since 2018)
▪️Electronic Health Records (GE, 7yrs) 
▪️Analytics (Kaiser, 2yrs)
▪️Health Info. Exchanges (UHG/Optum, 2yrs)
▪️Health IT Interop (NASDAQ:OMCL, 1yr) 

Passionate about startups and Digital Heath Products. Wrote a 📖 book on Health IT. Taught Medical Informatics at graduate level.


Some topics that I care about: Electronic Health Records (EHR), Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Accountable Care, Population Health, Healthcare Policy, Decision Support, Clinical Informatics, Virtual Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, AI, Operational Analytics, Product Management, Go-to-Market Strategy, Cloud Platforms, UI Design.

Invited by: Tomasz Kolodziejak

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