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Updated: May 3, 2024
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✅5P Card Game | Unlock your leadership potential.

Get the deck of 5P Cards or join our program: OluBoxHub.com

⚫️Empowering CEOs, youth, employees, leaders, kids and entrepreneurs to find their purpose and develop life and business habits for success.

⭐️On a Mission to Empower Over Two Million People and Organizations to Achieve Their Purpose and Find Fulfillment in all Areas of Life and Businees .

🪖8 years US Navy Veteran.⭐️


Come join our 5P program !!!

⭐️Target Audience⭐️

School Counsellors
Mental Health Therapist/Psychologist
Corporate Trainers
School Administrators/Educators.

💎Founder & CEO
OLUBOX®️ LLC ⭐️Company. Media. Educational. Leadership .⭐️

Email: [email protected]⭐️

✈️OLUBOX®️Offer Workshop Style Training On🛫 Social-Emotional Learning

PROBLEM 5P Card Game Solve.

🚀Do You Want To Have More Meaningful Purpose-driven Conversation With Your Kids?

🚀Do You Want To Help Your Students To Have Clarity Of Purpose With Their Lives? ⭐️

🚀Do You Want To Help Your Employees To Work Together In Team And Be More Productive? ⭐️

If So, I May Have A Solution For You.

5P Card Game Of Life Habits is the solution.

⭐️Aristotle Said : ⭐️“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”⭐️

✨A card game for clarity of purpose through communication..⭐️

5P Card Game Of Life Habits.
💎PURPOSE: Identifying your big why
💎PROBLEM: knowing what your challenges are
💎PROGNOSIS: Deciding when you will feel fulfilled
💎PLAN: Working on how to get there
💎PERFORM: Committing to do as intended

⭐️✨Fun Card Game to Encourage Conversation Among Players.⭐️

“Helping Leaders to Lead”

📚Author : ⭐️From My Soul To Life And The Society I Love.⭐️

Email: [email protected]⭐️

✈️OLUBOX®️Offer Purpose-driven Program On🛫

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Social Emotional Learning.(SEL)
🧩Team Building Exercises
💚Employee Productivity Training.
♣️Mentorship and Coaching
♠️ Character Development Training.
🍀Public Speaking Engagements

📍Based in Dallas Texas🇺🇸

🎓Degree : BA Philosophy- University at Buffalo ⭐️
MBA Business- University of Texas⭐️


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