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Updated: Feb 10, 2024
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CODE 1.You’ve come gathered here!! Welcome folks. I’d suggest you all get a pen and paper, learn something at least. You’d be a better version of yourselves if you come to platform like this with an open mind rather these mob behaviour that reeks of abrupt madness.

CODE 2.Dont waste the rest of 2023. Politicians and their kids + those who contested elections and lost have moved on; you should also do same so that in December when we are chilling you won’t be constituting nuisance all over the place.

CODE 3.Don't try to gaslight me, bcos my cylinder is on the alert, the fire might consume you, there are no fire extinguisher in my part of the world.

CODE 4.Dreams are tiny seeds, which beautiful tomorrow grows,so don't ever let it go...... when you find one........My peice of advice for free of charge.

CODE 5.Typical Akure man.Oloyemekun Dynasty,the real leopard member.the cat family that transformed to human.

CODE 6.Educationist, Husband, Father.Realist,Democrat, Progressive Party Member.
Arsenal FC, Sunshine Stars FC.

CODE 7.When there is language disorder consult a linguist.
Africanism enthusiast.
Yoruba culture must be preserved.
Yoruba radical, recently
Yoruba rascal.

CODE 8.Nigeria will always be a boiling ground bcuz it’s a land formed on injustice and exploitation. And the use of greed has been weaponized effectively to make those who are never satisfied with their heritage to demand more of what doesn’t even belong to them .

CODE 9.My job on social media is not to preach African liberation,Nigerian liberation or egalitarian humanity. My job is to preach hardcore Yoruba nationalism& conservatism,Yoruba self preservation,project positive image of the Yoruba race and to defend Yoruba civilization at all cost.

CODE 10i In your journey of life, you should never stop exuding hope and perseverance. As long as you’re alive, your days of undisputed breakthrough will surely come.

CODE 10ii.UNIBEN 2006
WALES 2021

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