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Olivia is a three-time best selling author, a speaker, and course creator.

She also has a passion for coloring and is happy to share her latest creation “The Smart Coloring Book”available on Amazon. It makes a great present as it offers an opportunity to relax and improve brain circuits.

Appreciate the kindness of shares It’s makes a great gift. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BNJM5J6J

Olivia accomplished all this after an accident left her with memory issues. she contributes her success to The Turbocharge Method, a simple and easy 3-step system. She quarantines is you give her 10 minutes a day she will give you 5 hours of your week back.

She creates compilation books

Her current project is about the real estate property game on the Metaverse, Upland,
Previous projects are Honoring Dad Every Day her previous compilation book of tributes, quotes, and journal prompts honoring dads is available on Amazon.

Its a wonderful book and makes a great present not only to a father but to someone who's dad has passed and is missing their dad or to siblings, grandchildren as a legacy present.

Heart Talk is a compilation book written by individuals who went from difficult days to better days of success.

Harmony in Chakras is a series of books on aligning the seven ethereal energy centers of the body. It offers help and a variety of solutions so you can find one that works best for you.


Any podcasts interview opportunities are much appreciated.

She is available to speak at your next event.

Connect with her on Instagram OliviaWhiteman2022

She got hacked on Instagram so be careful and don’t contact her on OliviaWhiteman2021.

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