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Updated: Feb 1, 2023
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▶️Youtube:'Dr.International Local'▶️MIMICRY ARTISTE & SINGER
⚕️A doctor&🎤 🗣️motivational speaker 🔥& an experienced clinician in de-addiction.
You may leave a text in clubhouse back chat 📲📱 if you are having any psychological issues regarding anything, especially depression due to
•A singer🎼,mimicry artiste🎤 and actor
•A non-relogious citizen of this earth.A rationalist, egalitarian& humanist who believes in love and not in any God or religion...
A hard core traveller and photographer who is also a nature enthusiast.. I believe in nature...
If we look deep into nature;all our questions will be answered. Please subscribe my youtube channel
'DR.INTERNATIONAL LOCAL' and follow my instagram page for getting closer with me
At present, I' Am working in the emergency department as Casualty Medical Officer at Adimali Taluk Headquarters Hospital,Idukki.

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