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Updated: May 27, 2022
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I'm Wanda Green, CEO of Nola's Soapery

Ş໐li໓ifฯ ฯ໐นr Şp໐t

✍ Truth Dealer
👩‍🍳 Globe Trotting Chef
🪐World Traveler
💫Motivator & Builder
🌤Unapologetically Ready for Success
🧼 Luxury Soaps & Body Care Connoisseur

🌤Are you ready to forgive the sources of your stress, reinvigorate your senses, and shower yourself with the love you long crave?
🏡Come home to yourself with my homemade creamy, savory and even spicy natural
handmade soaps.
🛁A pocket of bath time luxury for every ambitious professional.
🧼My love of soaps, skincare & body stems largely from my passion for cooking and serving others.
🌶Something about the layers of spices that linger in my soap bring me back to the blissful days of childhood where my loved ones and I would enjoy day long cookouts and weekly birthday parties.
😃Our laughter would echo throughout the neighborhood and we’d bask in a spirit of unfiltered joy.
👝As life later on lent its share of difficult challenges and instability permeated throughout young adulthood, it was cooking that balanced the rifts in my inner and external worlds. As I’d moved from one home to another, my ability to create original recipes with spice combinations, & herb portfolio’s served as a platform for
self expression.
🪢 I've instilled this same sense of self love into all my soaps so that you too can feel cherished when life lends you a heavy hand.
DM me the word "Joy" for a free soap sample!
💫 Always Building Momentum
🌶 The Truth Exposed The Roots & Then The Uplift (Podcast)- Soon
🪢 Clothing Line -The Reveal -FMC2MG
💪🏾 Proud Black Women Business Owner

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