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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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About Me:
26 & Single AF. Sagittarius by heart. Amateur guitarist and a bathroom singer. My roots are from Rajasthan but I live in Chennai, will be moving to Noida by May first week. Dirty minded AF and I crack double meaning jokes all the time. Got 20 tattoos on me, deeply in love with them all.

I'm a diehard cricket lover. Big time OTT Buff. Fully Filmy and gaaliyon ki dukaan. Love travelling, trekking and a recent jumper. Have done my share of bungee jumping and skydiving, and I ain't gonna stop. Marvel Fan.

Love gaming. Been a big time GG. Have played NFS, CS, CS Go, DotA, CoD, FIFA, PUBG etc.,

Career & Experience:
Professionally, I'm a French Language Expert and an Inside Sales Representative. Also a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Share Market is louveeee. I speak 9+ languages.

Have been a part of the core team of many start-ups. Currently working as a "Senior Manager - Inside Sales" at The Higher Pitch, Noida.

Other stuff:
Cricket is my second love - prefer test matches over T20, except IPL. CSK is everything. I have 20 tattoos - the ink and filter coffee flow in my blood. I randomly disappear to any city often just to eat; Zomato Verified Reviewer.

I am a non stop chatterbox; unstoppable when the discussion is about Travel, Series, Cricket, Food, Movies, Cryptocurrency, etc.,

OTT Buff - Netflix, Prime, ALT Balaji, Zee5, Voot, Hotstar and others.

I also make memes and puns, and my friends often block me after my PJs and I am an expert in receiving flying chappals from mom.

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