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Updated: May 23, 2022
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Host | Gems of Jupiter Podcast 🧿 | ☉♓︎ •☽♎︎ •⇡♍︎
A weekly podcast that focuses on self development, expanding one's consciousness & purpose driven living. I approach knowledge from a holistic lens to explore topics and guest conversations ranging from the practical, the mystical, and everything in between! Each episode is meant to serve as a form of guidance & inspiration while you live your own unique truth ✨

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Here For: Authentic Connection, Networking, Information Exchanges & Higher Vibrations 🌱

*All views and statements are mine and mine alone. If I speak in a room, I meant what I said. However my attendance/participation in a room does not = my co-sign of the room topic or the conversation.

Invited by: Zeina Agha

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