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Updated: Oct 6, 2022
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I know, I know I need to add my bio.😂
I’m still kinda new to this ♣️🏡 tinG🌻✨
Just know, I’m April Showers 🪐⚡️
I’m from Flawda, lover of learning, trilingual, and I’m kind of a BIG DEAL!!!

Seeing me on a stage doesn’t mean I agree & support the topic at hand!
✍🏽 (write that down)

If the topic is MY people, Freedmen, American Descendants of Slavery(ADOS), you’ll more than likely see me alert & present. One thing for certain and two things for sure, I STAND TALL WITH AND FOR BLACK FOLKS ✊🏽.


🇺🇸American Negro🇺🇸
America First 📍
"My Blood, Bones, and Skin is in this soil. I aint going nowhere"
Anti-Assimilationist 🏁

My ♣️🏡👣Follow Politik
Follow me if you resonate with my words👄, feel my vibe🧘🏽‍♀️, my energy💫 or get my point🤨

🗣🔥🤲🏽💰 $LoveDesi100

I will follow based on the words that come out your mouth, your energy, how you move on this app and in REAL life. If I follow you, you have 24 hours to followback, or I'm taking my follow back 💅🏾🤣

My follow limit: 222 ✨⏳🕯⏳✨

♣️’s I Love To Moderate:
✳️ The Black American Tribe
✳️ Konscious Konnect
✳️ Two America’s
🔎more loading soon ...

♣️’s I Love To Frequent
🌟 Future Cash Flow
🌟 Black School
🌟 US Freedmen on Code
🌟 Millennial Reparationist
🌟 Sis, Let's Talk
🌟 Money And Energy
🌟 Nick @ Nite
🌟 The Prezidential Suite
🌟 The Makeup Review
🔎more loading soon ...

Try Jesus, not me ‼️

I'm @only1Showers everywhere💎♉💛🌻☀️


“Live In Your Purpose”
I’m HEAVY on the Taurus Energy!
♉☀️ ♉🌙 ♉⬆️
8 ♣️ 4 ♠️

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