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Updated: Oct 9, 2022
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Ask me about my name
Into Buddhist Stud bulls
I'm up for romance with finance
DP mine
My eyes are up here
Poetess in my free time

Inji is here,
You can't touch her,
She will slap you Like
she slapped Sourav G The Machar

Inji is here,
She triggered Ando,
Kept him guessing
If she's a woman or a man tho'

Inji is here,
Her favorite position is PM
Please send votes
Instead of d*ck pics in her DM

Inji is here,
You have got a boner,
You can rent her
But you can't own her.

Inji is here,
She's got iambic pentameter,
She's actually pretty sweet
But first you gotta eat her!

Inji is here,
Hide your husbands,
Hide your jewelry,
And your cash funds.

Inji is here,
She's a Tigress,
She's got you on topic
Won't let you digress!

Inji is here,
She's come guns ablazing,
She can provide the desserts,
But you need to give the glazing.

Inji is here,
She's the mother,
For the Queer babies
And no other!

Inji is here
she's here to prey
All those in grey
To make the world disarray
-Vibrant World

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