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💎Learning never stops.
✍️MBA,(Business Management, HR Management), BSc, PGD in Export Management, NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming),DISC certified,(DISC personality Assessment, DISC-
Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness)

Master Retail facilitator.(apparel, electronic, E- Commerce, Smart,Fresh and foot wear), Certified IT Communication facilitator
💊Worked in pharma industry 30+yrs, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Career Counselor & motivational speaker.
Communication expert, Transactional analysis,writer, blogger Conflict management, Negotiation, How to reach next level of your job/ profession & many skill development, assistance and solutions systems can be obtained.
🏆I have worked as Consultant to Karnataka state Government health department.
🏆Consultant to Hutti Gold mine.
🌀Consultant to many industries such as manufacturing, Retail, IT, Biotechnology, Assessor.
Coached, Trained, Employability skills development in thousands of youngsters. Many more skills that be of need.
👁️Interested persons/ organizations may contact for assistance.
🌀DM me for any assistance
🔆Love travelling, bloging, content writer, facilitating, reading.
🎯I help people identify themselves who they are and how to overcome their short comings.
🏠 I help construction companies build their marketing teams as well their construction team building.
🎀I help organisations improve their staff selection and team development by DISC methods.
🌀I am empathetic, Social, reading, writing and learn something new, creative.
🌀I help people: Become more purposeful, effective and prosperous.
🥇Live a life of both achievement and fulfillment.
🧲In Club House I know you, not by your name, not by your DP face, by your voice of your knowledge and the interest of your topic.
Contact me for:
🌀Personal Coaching
🌀Group Workshops/ Sessions
🌀Curated Corporate Programs
🌀 Startup Consultant
🌀 Effective Networking
🌀 Content writer/Creater/ Blogger
🎯 I help individuals grow/ resumes writing
📢 I am looking for people who wants my expertise.
[email protected]
English,Hindi,Kannada,Tamil &Telugu. Understand Marathi & Tulu can manage.
Husband-34 yrs

Invited by: Kausalya (KD)

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