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Updated: Oct 3, 2022
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It’s Manjith - your CH source for all things business, start up and real estate. I’m here to pay it forward and network!

Caveat: I hop into a lot of rooms, click on the bell next to follow and adjust notifications as per your wish, I would like to stay in touch though, atleast ping you into rooms that may be of interest to you!

Want to promote your business or self on CH, hit me up!

❄️It’s never about the part of the iceberg that’s seen!

📱 Founder & CEO - Cyclotron Technologies!
🏢 Director Projects @ Right Choice- A builder and promoter company in the affordable segment.
🙌🏼 Independent Director @ Rainbow Foundations - A listed company in the real estate development space with residential and commercial projects.
🤵🏽‍♂️Managing Director @ Opera Right Choice Realty
👥 On the Board of Let’s Goo Social - A social media company specialising in digital marketing and enabling e-commerce companies!

🇮🇳I’ve done a few things, I know a few people!
🌀 Part time Diamantaire!
Do Pro Bono training
Also check out The Pure Meraki- it’s all things Chennai, Tamil Nadu!
If you think, I could talk to a group and inspire them, hit me up!

✨ Engineer!
Certified Trainer from Zeal- Open to Train!
Passion and Skill enchant!
Anti Hustler!

👀 Looking to raise money for real estate investments and connect with Architects, Contractors and Suppliers.

💭 Interested in new business avenues and open to expand, partner and grow!

💵 I know a little about funding for startups, seed money, angel investment and venture capital.

✅ Hit me up and let’s build the next big thing!

Keenly following startups, VCs and funds.

Mentoring a few and would love to coach upcoming business’! ✅

💉Vaccinated! It our first duty to our community and nation!

😇 Fed a few families by providing a few dry ration kits during the pandemic, looking to make this bigger, in the process of starting a non profit / non government organisation helping pregnant and lactating women from the LIG.

*Open to Collaborate: *
DM on Insta
Call on +91-81909-77777
Schedule a longer meet on

For Internship and Jobs mail @ [email protected] with CH reference!

P.S. Presence in a room doesn’t mean any form of endorsement of the discussion

Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna Potate🤪

Invited by: Senthil Shanmugam

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