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Updated: May 8, 2024
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Women Advocacy
This forum is a platform for constructive discussions to advance dialogue among the Somali people around the world. These discussions bring together different perspectives that can enhance our quality in terms of development, economics, agriculture, free expression, health, social affairs, law, politics and a correct understanding of Islam. Women's rights play an important role in this forum. Overcoming divisions, hatred, discrimination, tribalism and constant killings can not lead to sustainable development for all Somalis in East Africa.

Everyone here has their right to speak their thoughts, and we will not tolerate the transgression of those rights. We must take turns speaking and speak in a civil manner, without interrupting. We are all here to have a civil discussion about topics that are in our interest. Everyone no matter their background is welcome to take part in our discussion and they shall also be treated with utmost respect. I this forum does not tolerate the disrespect of women as well.
1. Explicit language is prohibited
2. Threatening others is prohibited
3. Discrimination is not allowed
4. Stay on topic
5. Be nice and respectful, allow the fruition of debated and conversations.
6. There will be no sexual harassment
7. Minors are not allowed to participate in this Club due to the discussions that might take place.
8. Don’t record conversations without the permission of those being recorded, as it goes against Clubhouse guidelines.
9. Extremists ideology is prohibited in this club!
10. You cannot criticize, condemn, complain others without their presence!

Thank you all !🇸🇴

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