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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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Juntos Adventures prides itself for being among the top Safari operators in Tanzania. We offer Safari tour within East and south Africa and we are here to fulfill your dream Safari holiday. Imagine the incredible wildlife documentary from the National Geographic channel coming to life and you are part of it! You get to see animals in their natural habitats and witness how they live!!

Juntos Adventures & Safaris offers complete range of service’s all the way from wildlife Safaris in Tanzanians National parks,Conservation areas and game reserves, to cultural tourism and beach holidays to complete tailor made Safaris. We offer the highest class service in Safaris all over the country. We also specialize in Mountain climb and trekking services to the highest peaks of mt. Kilimanjaro, mt. Meru, mt. Kenya and mt.Oldonyolengai.
Karibu Tanzania..

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