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Manager of afrobeats/afro-fusion singer/songwriter/producer @almightytrei 👑
Stream Almighty Trei’s latest track ’Gbefun’ on all platforms now! 🎶

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Asé 🙏🏽✨
📍 Sweden 🇸🇪
Alphafemale 🏹 𓋹𓂀𓆣
Straight Sapiosexual woman 🧠
Artist 🎨
Pirate gang... Yerrr! 🏴‍☠️
33 years of veganism 🌱
Meds 💊💉
Music artist manager 🎶

A mix of a whole lot. 🌍

My resumé does not introduce me, my energy does. ✨

We all have souls of different ages and epochs.

💭 If I ever perish before my anticipated time, please know that it is ok, for I have made peace with whom I am and what I am.

I doubt anything in this stage of life will matter, as we transition into a higher space than our physical eyes can see, and our corporeal vessles can feel.
And that teaches, me at least, that we may not get everything we want in this level of existence. We may not achieve all our goals as we exist in this space, and we may not be happy about it, but at the end of time, what does a few millions in a bank, cars, houses, a successful career and all of that matter when we all wither away?

It’s sad to see how badly the mass has been conditioned into counting money over smiles and memories.

When I go, I hope I’m rich in memories, love and laughter, and that I get to keep all of that as I transition into a more elevated and at peace version of myself.
I want to be happy beyond this time, aswell as now.

The forever battle.
— V.A

”In the relationship of love, we have the lover and the beloved. The lover lives the relationship with passion, devotion and romanticism. The beloved simply enjoys being worshipped. I’m not saying being a lover is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, but do you know what? Lovers suffer a lot, dear.”
— Palermo 🎭

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