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Updated: May 22, 2024
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Protect Environment&her Animals💚
End Speciesism💜❤️💙
End Opression🖤🤍🤎
End Gender Bias✊🏼
🌏planet🌳✨ 1🌲Tree can bring down 1 ton of carbon🆘We Need laws to make it Illegal to🪓cut🔥burn🪚log🪵destroy🌲Trees🌳plants & all her Animals🐾 to minimize our carbon 👣Polluting🔋♨️degrading soil🏔air💨land💧water as we need to heal 🌏Corral reef-ocean floor🌊Amazon🔥🙈🌳rainforest trees🌲plants🌳herbs🌱Planktons🌿sea forests🍀We need to protect all indigenous lands & All wild & captive Animals🐾🦘🦥🐓🦃🐺🐴🐷🐄🐑🦬🐪🦏🐘🦧🦁🦇🐻‍❄️🦆🐠🐙🐢🦭🐬🐋 we need to legally protect all animals from abuse,exploitation, captivity, hunts, rapes,forced reproductions, enslavement for some human’s apex entitled egocentrism, superiority, sexual & inferiority complexes, selfish power abuse & financial greed…Animals like young kids need full legal protection by the law of every country in the world⚖️🐾🙏🏼🌱🌏
✨We need worldwide replacement of animal agriculture to organic plant farms & re~wilding/ reforesting & freeing all animals to nature, to live safely & freely🙏🏼Animals peacefully coexist in nature & together care for all the wild land, air & ocean daily. Animals in their natural habitat homes heal our world environment…Eg: Chernobyl, when left alone, Mother Nature & her peaceful healing blissful Animals returned & are healing🌱Saving animals saves all humanity & saves our only planet🌱We Need Food system change to Organic whole food plant based vegan for our health, to end Zoonotic diseases/Pandemics, minimize our carbon footprint & save billions of force populated,antibiotics,steroids, hormone injected,amputated,gassed, raped,hunted,slaughter-murdered Animals worldwide🕊🐾🐬🌱🌏🌟


🌟🕉👁👁WATCH YouTube/Netflix
#WhatTheHealth #Dominion #Seaspiracy #TheyAreTryingToKillUs #Cowspiracy #GameChangers #HOPE #TheEndOfMedicine #TheInvisibleVegan #TheCove #BlackFish #TheDolphinProject #TheSecretReasonWeEatMeat #DairyIsScary #PlantPureNation
#VeganIsTheAnswer #APrayerForCompassion #101ReasonsToGoVegan


🌟🕉🩺HEALTH: (Physician Committee For Responsible Medicine)

📚Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
📚The China Study
📚The Cheese Trap
📚How Not To Die

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