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Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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Creations pure love through divine rite, We are intimacy interpersonally experiencing intimately. Intentionality in everything we do is mindfulness. And then you see. Mindfulness is actually heartfullness, and when you're full of heart you're full of the light of love that is Life!

Lover of Gaia's ❤️&Clear Channel
Keeper of Sacred Wisdoms
Old Soul, Lightworker
Light language translator
Quantum Core Healing
Quantum healing conversations
Quantum divine soul aspect alignment
Reiki flute meditation
Energy healer, Crystal healer
Frequency healer
Shamanic journeying

Owner of 🏠 Speaking Soulfully
Holder of sacred spaces in which we allow Spirit to unfold freely with no indoctrination no fixed or limited beliefs and no judgment safe spaces for one and all to share anything in vulnerability intimately with support for one and all through this test of life.

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