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💃Live a Life by Design, Serve with Intention and Purpose,🔆Intention creates reality.🔮

✋On Clubhouse for networking and learning.🍎

💫 Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.💫

Can peace be found in the dissemination of truth?! ♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️⚖️♥️

🌐Field of Specialty:

👩🏻‍💻Administrative Assistant as well as Customer Service Support.☎️

Over 30 years experience in several industries: Insurance, Financial, Legal, Technical, Healthcare, Supervisory, Project Management, Data Tracking/Analysis, Retail and Sales.

Have a sharp attention to detail for organization of daily operations.

Capability to streamline processes for time and ease.

Heart-Centered Servant, Leads with Integrity.

Have worn many hats, mastered many.

👑Greatness🛡🗡is ALWAYS intentional.⚔️👸🏻

⚖️Seeker of truth⚖️

🏆Lead by example🏆

🆑Clear your mind of can’t, live an empowered life.

🧠Critical Thinker, Learn to listen, Listen to learn.📚

Cat Mom 🐱🐱

📚One of my passions is reading. Love books on Mastering Mindset, Law of Attraction, the Subconscious Mind, Leadership, Online-Business, and Marketing.🧠🙌🙇🏻‍♀️

The greatest joy of life is to accomplish. It is the getting, not the having. It is the giving, not the keeping. ~ Frederick Banting

Soulful, Spiritual Adventurer, Seeker of Truth, Helping others to build Relationships and inspiring others to live their best life.

Anything is possible, it all starts with believing in yourself!

#evermindful 🔮💕👐🕊
#faithandleadership 💫✨🙌
#principalheartcenteredleadership ✨💖✨💖✨

Peace ☮️ Light🕯Prosperity 💸

🚨My views are my personal opinion only and are not a representation of the room.🚨
🚨➡️ DISCLAIMER- My presence in a room or on a stage is not an endorsement of the context, subject matter and or views of the speakers or hosts.

I do not condone, support or suggest ideas of rioting, insurrection, coup or any and all illegal activities.

💲VENMO @Lisa-Cardalico

💲PAYPAL @lisacardalico

💲CASH-APP $LisaCardalico

Libra ♎ 10/19 ⚖️

⭐️🇺🇸 USA🗽⭐️

Invited by: Nachhi Randhawa

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