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Jairus C. Capers founder and owner of Quality Over Everything Apparel Q.O.E est 2020. Q.O.E is not just your average clothing apparel it’s a statement it’s an movement. No matter how much materialistic things you own on this earth none of that matters because it holds no value.I’m reaching out to every walk of life to give out knowledge about why generational wealth is important why becoming self efficient is important why it’s important to release childhood trauma why it’s important to become spiritually balance and most important and how to love and be loved properly as the Kings and Queens you are. Also at Q.O.E we helping gain understanding on why it’s not good to be co-dependent,stagnate or content with your daily situations but to get out and take risk take leaps of faith and surrounding your self around positive energy and vibrations..

Any further questions about purchasing items, getting more information please email me at [email protected]

Official Insta for Q.O.E q.o.e_2020

Looking to network with music artist, producers, influencers, marketing advisors/mentors, models, spiritual leaders/advisors..Help me support my movement with Q.O.E today much love and respect

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