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Updated: Dec 4, 2023
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Activist, analyst, designer, regenerative systems thinker and creator of #RegenerativeGovernance.

I problem solve bringing multi-modal, multi-disciplinary, First Principles and First Order logic and regenerative principles and characteristics to every problem.

Permaculture practitioner/teacher.

Regenerative Governance: A fractal, Commons-based, egalitarian, regenerative economy-based governance model. The only model reintegrating human systems with the rest of Nature - other than existing and past Indigenous governance forms and societies.

Global Solutions Simulation: We can model the solutions using a simulation in which the choices made by individuals, governments, corporations, etc., are combined with economic models and climate models to show what gets us to sustainable and what doesn't. This is our best shot at removing the uncertainties about what humanity must do to stabilize the global system.

EFL: English as a Foreign Language teacher. 16 years teaching English and training English teachers. See: English Lessons w/Killian club (classes) and Killian's English Club (open rooms.)

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