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Updated: Aug 7, 2022
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🇱🇰🇺🇲| Ridge, NY | 13132

Dew’s voice lives on in the first replay below. She speaks at the 1:04:05 mark. Until we meet again in a CH room or better yet, in real life next life, cheers to you Dew!

Into pao la jiao and mala cuisine atm. Arsenal fan!

Moved to Long Island NY this fall. Staff member at Stony Brook University. I can fix your laptop, replace your broken phone screen and teach you Gen Ed level physics at the same time ✌️

Sinhala, English, Bengali, Français, Mandarin student

Huel™️ is lunch | Average cook, know my way around spices and herbs|

Can't sing for the life of me but love to listen to Clubhouse peeps sing their hearts out!



Invited by: Arian Ab

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