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Updated: May 23, 2024
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🔹Healthcare Quality Expert by profession
🔹Artist (paints watercolour, acrylic and Gouache) by passion, comic and illustrator
🔹Crafter (loves to decorate home by handmade by self)
🔹An introvert (ADHD Brain)
🔹Believes in communication
🔹Choose to Stand with woman and all oppressed.
🔹Foodie, Good Cook.
🔹Animal lover~ Rescuer~ foster mother~ Cat Meammy 🐈‍⬛🐕
🔹Learning Politics
🔹 Avid Reader, Learner, Listener
🔹தமிழ் காதலி

I wander in alll rooms having an curious mind! So, kindly keep your judgements with yourself 😌

Stretching towards the sky like I don't care
Wishing you could see me standing there
A Lonely Sunflower in the field of Roses

Telegram: @riyaakathir

Instagram: @riyakathir

Snapchat: riyaa_kathir

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