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Updated: Oct 5, 2022
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Proud BNI Member, Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant,
Tamil Business Consortium Member,
Certified Internal Auditor, Lean Concept Implementor.

There might be a PLAN B in your business but There isn't PLANET B to Enjoy Legacy created by Your Business. Hence if I missed to bring it in ur mind what this sustainable living impacts in ur everyday life. Please Visit Kadaipai in this 2022 for a Lifestyle changing Sustainable products.

The Big Goal of 10M Green Consumers by 2030 has been set in 2022, to achieve the same we are looking for Outlets Dealers from Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Cochin, Pondichery south India Tamil Nadu to make our Products reach real Green Consumers..

#saveglobe2030 #kadaipai2030 #greenconsumers #globalwarming #nopollution #gogreen #sustainable living2022 #ecofriendly2022

Peace on earth depends on our ability to secure our living environment

We can protect our environment only if we empower people , inform them & help them realize that these resources are our own, that we must protect them.

I am Anitha Rajalakshmi an Ecoprenuer spreading awareness and introducing new innovative Eco friendly products alternative for plastics through a Brand *KADAIPAI*

I am Proud to say any Plant fiber made Products are only available in Kadaipai anywhere in SounthIndia.
Vetiver, Darbai, Banana Fiber, cotton, Jute fiber, Bamboo fiber, name it we can make it.

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மாறு – மாற்றம் ஒன்றுதான் மாறாதது!

மாறுவதெல்லாம் உயிரோடு..
மாறாததெல்லாம் மண்ணோடு!

பொறுமை கொள்
தண்ணீரைக் கூடச் சல்லடையில் அள்ளலாம்
அது பனிக்கட்டி ஆகும் வரை பொறுத்திருந்தால்....

Founder & MD 🇮🇳
Green Aver Pvt Ltd

Director 🇮🇳
Business Allies Global Pvt Ltd

Rural Craft 🇮

Director for Initiative - Differently Abled 🇮🇳
Chandran's Yuva Foundation


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