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We were looking for an answer to our son’s severe Autism diagnosis and came across a Miracle plant🌱 We made a simple Cold-pressed oil that cleared the fog for our child.💫

I love connecting with like-valued people that want to make a difference by helping families diagnosed with severe ailments like Autism to have access to Free Products & Education.

——————🌱Free Offer——————

If you or a loved one want to try the same Raw Hemp oil that helped our son for free just go to:


You can also message me “Free CBDa” too!👍🌱

Happy Healing!🙏🌱💫

—————🌱Hemp Investor💸————

We invest in Companies, People and Great Ideas. We offer Wholesale Raw CBDa oil products, Private Label & White Label CBDa, Bulk Ingredients and we offer Business Opportunities to get started in the industry. Reach out to me with any inquiries or questions.

——Our Mission To #HealTheWorld!🌎—

We are on a Mission to Heal the World 🌎 with this Miracle Plant🌱 Come learn more about this Miracle Plant on the Miracle Plant Show on Clubhouse at 10am (Pacific) Saturday morning. 🎙 Link is Miracle Plant Club

Our prayers 🙏were answered so our Mission became to Pay It Forward by reaching 1 Billion people by 2025 through education, videos, products or seeds you can grow in their backyard.🌱

The Miracle Plant Show host 🌱🎙
Loving Husband & Father of 4 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Owner of 2 Labs 🐕 🐕
Avid Golfer ⛳️🏌️
Lover of Life 💚💫
Ventura, California 🌊 🏄
Distinguished Clubhouse Moderator♣️🏡
Professor & Board Member for Hemp School at Clover Leaf University 🌱👨‍💼
🏆Winner of the 2020 Hemp Business Awards🏆

Exclusive Clubhouse Deal ♣️🏡💸
💥Use CH25 to save 25%💥at www.101CBD.org

When you place an order with us we donate a product to a family in need.🙏🌱

Get Your Free Sample at


Happy Healing!🌱

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