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✡️Jewish Mediation Teacher
🙏🏼Facilitator + Therapeutic Coach
Healing Touch Certified

Sharing tools to help others elevate and become their most aligned, healthy and happy selves. 💪🏼

✳️Co-Host: ✨Spiritual Women’s Circle Club✨

✳️ Moderator: The Sixth Sense Club
Tuesdays 9pm EST

✳️ Moderator: Jewish Meditation and Kabbalah

✳️ Moderator: The Elevation Project Club

What I’ve done:
Occupational Therapist - Mental Health, Long Term Care, Management
🏆Award winning Jewelry Business Owner

Who I am:
✡️ Jewish, Spiritual
Mom to Adult Daughters
🧶 Avid knitter, 📚 Reader, 🥾Hiker
👁Intuitive, Empath
👂🏻 Listener, Problem Solver
🎨Creative, Artist
📚 BU Alum

What I’m passionate about:
Mental Health - Addictions, Abuse, Trauma
Healing Modalities
Connecting and Collaborating
Raising the whole
Sharing our personal stories to empower each other

❤️ conversation, hearing and sharing stories, uniting, finding good, collaborating, making this 🌎 a better place.

Currently raising sparks ✨@elevationproject 🙌🏼

Email me at: [email protected]

Invited by: Doniel Katz

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