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🎥 How is your fundraising coming along? Are you raising funds to make your next film? Are you running a film non profit and always short of money? Or are you a documentary filmmaker who MUST master fundraising in order to complete your films?

Pre-order my upcoming book: “Getting Your Film Funded, Produced, and Distributed Globally: A Seven Step System, The Film Box Office S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula”

Sign up for my next workshop:
See you there!

Or find the link in my Instagram bio.

And … Join us for The Filmmaker’s Life. Interviews with independent feature filmmakers on how they build their careers so you can do it too!

Film Business Coach 🇹🇹 🇬🇧
Film Financing and Acquisitions Consultant If you would like to discuss working with me to learn how to raise money to make your film, please book a Filmmaker Success Breakthrough Session here on my calendar:

I help independent filmmakers acquire financing, complete their films and get distribution so their films create success& profit.

Find out about building your filmmaking career, film financing and making your films here:

Founder of the Unstoppable Film Festival, which is a festival by disabled filmmakers and about disability issues @Slamdance Film Festival

On CH:
I share information for filmmakers about the way the industry really works, not the way it should work.
I share insights around raising money for your films

Here’s a video class I made that I want to share with my Clubhouse friends:

Proud Member of

Founder:, an online filmmaker resource for filmmakers all over the world. ♥️ (Recently re-named, The Gotham

Raised millions of dollars💰💵
Consulting Producer🎥
Film Distribution Consultant📺
Former Director - Alliance Cinema and IFP/Miami, Former scriptwriting teacher.

I help independent filmmakers create successful and profitable films. My clients have created sustainable careers that allow them to pay the bills, up level their lives, and pursue their creative projects from a position of strength.

Visit my website at:


Invited by: Ben Yennie

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