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Updated: Nov 27, 2023
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➖Founder & Ninja Strategist at JCPR / Lawyer at KSH Law / Aspiring Writer / Stylist / Curator / Cattle herder at JC Livestock / Punk

➖Clients include:
BAT Malaysia, MyCEB, INCEIF, MoF, PHB, MILDEF International Technologies, EngineeringBureau, BadLab, Nestle, Fried Chillies, Astro, Sacoor Brothers, Innogen, Joe Sidek Productions, IMAN Research, Search, Ella, Nikahsatu, Syomirizwa Gupta, FowlBoys, Trophy Knives, Larney, MeDKAD, Wardrobe, 4Stages, MyVitalab etc.

▪️Ex-Creative Director, Tarik Jeans 💀
▪️Ex-Account Director, Geometry Global
▪️Ex-Comms Consultant, Langkawi Dev. Authorities ECO
▪️Ex-Comms & Events Dir of Recording Industry Malaysia (RIM)
▪️Ex-Chief Legal Officer, Sepang F1 Circuit
▪️Two-time KLSC Full Marathon Finisher 🏅🏅
▪️GetCraft’s Top 100 Msian Content Creators 2019
▪️Top 4 - World Best PR for MICE industry 2014
▪️Lung disease survivor 🫁
▪️Avid supporter of the local creative scene
▪️A full-on Virgo
▪️Hustler and Lifelong student

➖jcprkl.com - WIP
In the meantime, do check out #jcprmatters and Trigger Thoughts series🧠

➖Topics I have interest in:
Communications, Fashion, Style, Politics, Branding, Social Justice, Social Media, Music, Rock & Roll ☠️, Disko Malaya, Film, Magazines, Art, (Sub)Culture, Fitness & Running, Creative & Content Economy, Spirituality, Netflix, Travel, the 90s, DIY Culture, Maximalism, Tech, Time Travel, Love & Sex, Gratitude and Discourse in general

➖Disclaimer: All views are my own except those that I have subconsciously nicked from far cleverer people

📍Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia 🇲🇾
📍Kuala Pilah, N9, Malaysia 🇲🇾
📧 [email protected] / [email protected]

Let’s jam!

I’m on IG, FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve created a couple of outstanding playlists on Spotify and Mixcloud as well. Do check em out!!

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