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MOTTO: You can’t do it right “for the culture” if you don’t have your business handled right.

Attorney James L. Walker, Jr. ([email protected]) Is a Business & Entertainment Lawyer. He is the Author of the Best Selling “This Business of Urban Music” (Random House)!

He is also general counsel for the Bronze Lens Film Festival and has clients on ESPN, WE-TV, Bravo, Viacom, CBS, BET, TVOne, Lifetime and ABC, among other outlets.

He is often featured on CBS, ABC, CNN, BET and Fox discussing high profile matters, clients, cases and deals he or his firm handle worldwide!

He never drops names but always drops knowledge empowering friends and family, closing deals and freeing hundreds of artists, producers and songwriters from bad deals! He’s considered one of the toughest litigators in the Courtroom with a passion to protect the little guys!

Attorney Walker also helps clients understand the difference between an LLC vs. A Corporation and A Shareholder vs. A Member! And understand why you need bylaws as a corporations vs operating agreement.

Attorney Walker is In Atlanta, but abides in God’s agape love! Alpha Phi Alpha (Beta Made), Howard and Yale Alum.


Email:[email protected]

770-847-7363 (office)

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