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For today’s event “Food: A Yogic Perspective,” visit for healthy, fresh and nutritious recipes that bring vibrancy and alertness to your system.

Isha Foundation is dedicated to raising human consciousness, and fosters global harmony through individual transformation. Guided by Sadhguru, it is an essential resource for exploring the ancient science of yoga in all its depth and dimensions. The foundation offers a variety of programs that provide methods for anyone to attain physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Its offerings allow participants to deepen their experience of life, and reach their ultimate potential.

Supported by 11 million volunteers in 300 centers worldwide, Isha Foundation’s activities address all aspects of human wellbeing. From its powerful yoga programs for inner transformation to its inspiring projects for society, environment and education, Isha activities are designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress.

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