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Updated: Mar 3, 2024
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Dank intellectual. Potential party crasher. Click view full profile.
Peter Theil in the making, lended a neuron to Marvin Minsky once, ghost wrote Rap God for Eminem. Popularly knows as Ernest Hemingway's English teacher. I taught buoyancy to Archemedis. Monroe lost her virginity to me. Pushed the tower of Pisa with my middle finger so it could lean. I design pyramids for a living. Core contributor to Windows, Linux and UNIX kernel. Predicted covid in 1857..
Research interests- 😀
Evolutionary psychology, existence, mathematical metaphysics, theology, crime mitigation strategies.

Invite me to talk about 🤗
Conservatism, traditionalism, philosophy, political debates, international politics, crime mitigation, cyber warfare, crypto, finance, Data science, travel
My political opinions are voiced on my alt @ankitjh4
I won't talk about 🛑
Feminism, racism, casteism, discrimination, inclusivity, neo nazism anything that makes people dumber.

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