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Music Biz/Kyokushin Karate
Tom has been in the music business for 35 years, and martial arts for over 40

Current Founder/CEO for distribution and artist services company “Indie Advance”. “The Global Hub For Independent Musicians”

2014-2017 CCO and original officer for licensing/ branding company “Songtradr”


1986-1992: Radio promo: Enigma Records, I.R.S. Records and Virgin Records (VP Adult Format Radio)

Co-Founder Coyote Records (with Dana Walden)

Founder of award winning multi-format independent radio promotion firm “Callahan-West & Associates (partners Claire West-Parr and Nick Bedding)...morphed to Tom Callahan & Associates. Worked with every major label and hundreds of their artists.

Former Artist Manager: including Phoebe Snow, Jeff Timmons (founder 98 Degrees) Nathalie Archangel, Donnie Kehr,(Broadway), Jordan Hill(Atlantic), Kaile Goh (Lava/Republic), Natalia Lesz, (EMI Poland), Arnold McCuller, Justin Hopkins, Davey B (LMFAO), Miggs, Olivia Rox, J-Henry and Amy Hef.

Founder Vellum Entertainment Top 20 R&R hit with Suzy K/ Donny Osmond Feat. Dave Koz, top 40 Billboard Dance Hit Suzy K. Nominated AC Label of the year by R&R magazine in 2000.

Tom has also been involved in the martial arts for 40 years and currently holds the rank of 5th dan and title Renshi Shihan in Kyokushin Karate serving as the Vice-Chairman of “All-Americas”, and International Secretary for Kyokushin-Kan Karate Do in Japan. He brings this self discipline, integrity and Budo philosophy to each and every endeavor. [email protected]
Instagram: world_budo_arts

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