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📢 2021 CNN Hero ✨

“The Highest Human Act Is to Inspire”

I’ve gained way more🖤 🧠 than I’ve lost♿️

Raised in the streets, but 📚 freed me❗️

I 🗣 my truth and apply Empathy✨

🌀Founder/CEO The Disabled but not Really Foundation 501(c)3 organization

🌀W.Hamilton Consulting
🌀I am Wes Hamilton - Public Speaking

For booking: [email protected]

🌀Diversity & Inclusion consultant
🌀Non profit Founder

@iamweshamilton on all socials

✨Helping people find their true identity by taking ownership of everything that happens in their lives. 👉🏾 iamwesleyhamilton.com

🌟Met the man that shot and paralyzed me, told him Thank You❗️He gave me life when he was trying to take my life 👉🏾 Full bio ⬇️⬇️


✨Free Thinker
✨Leading with empathy

🚨 New Club 👉🏾 I Am Proud of What I Represent✨

📺🗞 (seen on: CNN, Netflix, Today’s show, Celebrity Family Feud & more)

“In order to live your purpose you have to first face yourself....”

💥Disabled but not Really💥

Our mission is to instill a physical limitless mindset that breeds courage, confidence and confidence through health and wellness.


[email protected]

🌀Subscribe to my YouTube @iamweshamilton

I have transformed from a victim into a victor. Years ago, gunshot wounds left me with a spinal cord injury. I began a new life in a wheelchair and deeply depressed. But as a single father to my daughter, I needed to change. Fitness and nutrition soon entered the picture, and I became empowered.

I drew inspiration from my roles as a father and potential role model. I competed as an adaptive bodybuilder and spread positivity to audiences everywhere. Then, I established a philanthropic organization, Disabled But Not Really (DBNR). My mission is to bring positivity and hope to the disabled community and beyond.

I believe that the highest human act is to inspire. And that is my purpose in life. I work hard to deliver motivating messages on the power of self-love, resilience, and change, trying to make waves in the world.

Invited by: Justin Ikerionwu

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