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Coach, consultant, Wiley author, hypnotist, explorer and entrepreneur

I started as a primary school teacher in Bhutan and then worked with WWF and started my consulting firm working in the area of leadership development and Organisation Transformation.
I am interested in deep ecology, psycho analysis and literature and recently started studying philosophy. Here in clubhouse mostly to listen and occasionally to share .

Been a visiting faculty at ISB, The University of Chicago and TISS. Mostly taught personal transformation and Organisational change .

Occasionally hypnotize people and used to demonstrate hypnosis at IITs and IIMs long time ago. In the past I also trained healers in Hypnosis . I do sometimes write columns in publications like Busineas Today , Economic Times and The Hindu . These days mostly write on Facebook and LinkedIn!!!

Coach to some CEOs and Celebrities and now live in a farm in Coorg after staying 30 years in Delhi

Founder ODA( and OrgLens(

Coach, columist, author and public intellect on leadership and change. I think my book is the first book in India on Coaching published by Wiley, Coaching the art of developing Leaders

Hypnotist , author, coach and gypsy

Invited by: Sandeep N B

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