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From the Underground to the Mainstream, Global Citizen Terry Bello aka "The Voice of Neo Soul" is a Radio Music Renaissance Man, an indomitable spirit, and a Soul visionary. Bello is a multifaceted media entrepreneur known for founding the International Soul Music Summit & Film Festival, and a 25 years veteran of radio, film, music, media and grass-roots event marketing. but before there was The Soul Music Summit, there was Groovenation, born in the burgeoning Atlanta Neo Soul underground music scene in the early 90s. A future-thinker, Groovenation became an early internet radio station featuring 24-7 Soul music and laid the foundation for Bello's success with the now The Soul Lounge & Heineken Red Star Soul compilations and later his syndicated radio show for Neo Soul R&B & World artists.

National audiences have heard his now legendary voice as passengers on Delta Airlines, on TV at BET and as the host of nationally syndicated radio program The Soul Lounge which at its peak aired in 40 markets including Los Angeles and Dallas. Terry has helped to promote and facilitate the careers of many emerging Neo Soul, R&B, Jazz, Top 40 and World artists. Bello’s Multi-Media Personality and Programming career has found him located in Atlanta, New York, London, Paris, Nairobi, Philadelphia, LA, Detroit and Cleveland where he was named Music Director of the Year by Billboard magazine. He traverses equally between corporate radio and the vast world of 'underground' music. A consummate professional, Bello has demonstrated consistent achievement in broadcast Management, music consultation, event production, project management and various entrepreneurial endeavors including the dynamic ability to develop and manage major cultural events.

These days, the Sr. Musicologist is based in Nashville (The Music City) where during the day his business savvy is on full display as the Sr. Operations Manager for "Rural Radio" broadcast on SiriusXM & RFD TV, plus each evening, he can be heard hosting The Quiet Storm on 92Q Nashville. Other entrepreneur ventures: Music Supervisor for Indie films globally. Radio Media Music Consultant. Bello Java Medical Cannabis Proprietor - Education B4 Recreation

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