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4-Day Manifesting Masterclass
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Healer✨Author📖✨Intuitive Coach
Certified Advanced DNA ThetaHealer 🧬
Past Life Regression Hypnosis 👽💫
Remote Viewing and Scanning 👀
Medium - Divine Channel of Angels, Ascended Masters & other Light Beings 👼🏼
Real Estate Broker/Mentor🏡
Catch the replay of my TV interview on YouTube. 📺

Many of my clients are psychotherapists, ER doctors, nurses, other healers and business professionals. 💚 What they’re saying…👇👇

“I’ve been to many healers and I am a healer myself. And I am very picky who works with me. I am very, very, very critical about people working on me, so I say this very authentically about you because you’re a natural. You have a gift, just like others are saying, you’re extremely gifted. I really do appreciate your work and what you are doing to help people because we need that.” - Dr. Andrew Giordano, Atlanta, GA

"Anna, I’m so calm, I have tears of joy, my head is so clean and clear, I looked in the mirror and smiled for the first time in years. Everyday I love myself more and more. I’ve noticed positive changes within myself and with my kids and wife as well. I’m off all 5 of 5 medications! I’m able to breathe through a sudden wave of anxiety. Before if I felt anxiety or depression my first instinct was to take a pill. I’m so thankful that our paths crossed, you have done more for me in just our first session than 10 years of western medicine.”- Nate Johnson, Raymond, OH

"Anna, thank you for taking on your part as a healer. Ever since my first theta healing session with you I have been finding my way into fulfilling my part in this world. It's as if everything is all coming together at once with very little effort. You helped my spirit shine brighter so the light could find me easier. You are more powerful than you know, and so are your guided meditations that are helping so many. Beliefs truly are the key, so thanks for reminding me of mine and enriching my life with new ones! Sending love and light." 💚 -Chelsea Caron, Rock Hill, SC

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Invited by: Khush Patel

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