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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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I am an authentic Serial entrepreneur voice, Financial Services Professional, retirement income Strategist,coach, an Humanitarian, Social justice activist and girls education advocate.

My purpose passionate educator dedicated to create a sustainable an impact in women lives and empower those communities who have been left behind through financial literacy.

I am here to be inspired and to inspire you to dream BIG and achieve Bigger. Also, I am here to learn, contribute, collaborate and add value and networking with outstanding others🔥🎤🎤

🌠Focusing on:
🎯Women empowerment
⚖️sustainability & social justice
⚖️Financial sustainability
🪧Leadership Development
🪧Community development
🪧quality & Inclusion
🪧personal development
🪧Education for girls is a key for equal future.

🧱Revolution Rise Vission 🧱
The power mission of hope is to empower 10 millions communities through free financial literacy, financial basics concepts and free mentorship opportunities to everyone.
Everyone deserves a mentor/Coach🔥

🪜Interesting topics include:
#Women empowerment financially
#Empowering generations financially
# Build wealth for generations .
#fighting poverty

😘About Me
#Global Citizen's❤️🇺🇸🌍
#Financial Services Professional and Retirement income Strategist
#20 years experience as An Humanitarian.
#Human rights, women's activist
#Darfur genocide Survivor
#dedicated servent to create Impactful community, young entrepreneurs and leaders through mentorship and financial stability empowerment opportunities.

#Door is always open to help you, encourage you, support you empower you, push you to your destiny. Be loved💚
#Solutation, problems solver
#Love challenge
#Long life learner
#Public speaking
#Motivational voice
#Freedom Voice
#Best-selling Author (Vissionary Book)
#Community outreach builder
#Financial consultant /Coach /mentor
#Kindness human
#Big believer in the people power to make the world a better place for all.

We all have an ability that carries great responsibility 🎤

#Freedom has sweet prices 🔥
#Be the change leader🔥
#Be vulnerable
#Be example of leader
⚖️العدالة اولآ⚖️
📌مهتمة جدا بالتمكين الاقتصادي للنساء والبنات ومهتمة جدا بالقيادة النساء في المجتمع

📒Let's just connect & grow together, will be happy to help, support one another 💦

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