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Updated: Feb 1, 2023
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Founder & CEO
4th Dimension Consultancy, Events Managment and Communications

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Well qualified professional with extensive experience of over 30 years and knowledge in management, logistics and turnkey projects, especially in large scale event management and organization. Outstanding capabilities in business development, which consist of marketing, public relations, events and brand management. Excellent leadership, negotiation and presentation skills, combined with impressive communication and interpersonal skills. Experienced in interaction with community as a whole with strong business contacts and high ability to work on multiple projects.


o Events, Exhibitions and Conferences Management.
o Customer Relation Management (CRM).
o Organizational and time management skills.
o Budget Management.
o Strategy Preparation.
o Marketing, communication & Brand Plans.
o Agency Network Development.
o Presentation Material.
o Operation Plans.
o Market Research.
o Public Relation.

o Demonstrable maturity, professionalism and gravitas.
o Known to recognize the value and responsibility of working in a team, actively support and develop team members, quick to identify problems & solve any issues.
o Always achieved deadlines and adapt to changing conditions, ability to generate effective and pragmatic solutions to new situations or problems.
o Acknowledged understanding of personalities and behavioral styles in order to work collaboratively with a variety of people and to make informed decision around resourcing, reporting structures and relationships.
o Proven ability to inspire confidence of the executive management through timely delivery of information and plans.
o High exposure to events, exhibition and conferences needs and confident in handling all related situations. Understanding of all legal implications and ability to resource plan accordingly and comply with legal obligations.
o Strong working knowledge of events, exhibition and conferences issues as well as the ability to apply these to a variety of situations using a pragmatic and common-sense approach.
o Proven ability to problem solving both operational and strategic issues through a pragmatic and commercially sound approach.

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