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🌸 As a Master Spiritual Life Coach, I guide high-performance professional women through their spiritual awakening transformation journey of unbecoming to becoming their true essence as Sacred Divine Feminine Women and manifesting a life of peace, joy, and freedom.

🌸Clients Testimonials:
🌻 Allison K. - Director of Customer Success
“Elba used her expertly honed skills of coaching, mirroring, intuition, and spiritual prowess to help “course correct” me on a path living my most joyful and authentic life.”

🌻Laura S., PhD - Columnist and Author
“Her deep listening, meaningful, questions, passionate, stand for the quality of my life lead me straight home to the depths of my heart and soul”

🌻Debbie S. - President of Women’s Council of Realtors Ohio | Realtor
“Working with Elba allowed me to: Pursue goals that make me happy, helped me build on my strengths, helped me become more confident, reduced stress.”

🌻Ashley M. - Videographer | Marketing Strategist | Content Expert
“Elba has a way of giving you honesty while also supporting you during that transformation. She broke down so much in ways that I had never heard before and it changed my life forever. I will always be grateful for her guidance in my transformation! I get to be my authentic and confident self with no apologies and so much support.”

🌸I am inspiring, powerful, loving:
🌻Gratitude Coach
🌻La Madrina|Mother Goddess
🌻Master Spiritual Life Coach | Mentor
🌻Certified Transformational Facilitator
🌻Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
🌻Accelerator Coach Excellence Practitioner

🌸Specialize in:
🌻Shadow Work
🌻Inner Child Healing
🌻Imposter Syndrome
🌻Spiritual Awakening
🌻Emotional Intelligence

🌸Book a Call:
For women only: Book a FREE Discovery Call at my website below to learn on how I can help you through your spiritual transformation journey.


🌻The A.B.C.‘s (Alignment, Balance, Clarity) of Gratitude will lead you to the wisdom of your S.O.U.L. (State of Unconditional Love) that is found in the sanctuary of your heart.

♣️🏠 Founder
•Awaken the Gratitude
•Sacred Women Circle

♣️🏠 Co-Founder
•Sacred Women’s Circle Academy

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